About The Artist
Derek Brown  My name is Derek Brown. Welcome to my online vision, and home, FantasyArtist.net.

  I am an artist and musician living in Rome, GA • USA. Rome is home to the World's Largest Campus Berry College and contains a large creative community (you would be amazed at the amount of musicians here). I was raised in the Morrison Campground / Dykes Creek Community. I started drawing at an early age. Art has always been in my blood and is at the very core of who and what I am. At the age of 5, my parents sent me to an evening class at Floyd Junior College, where I had my first real art lessons. In my school career, I won numerous awards from art shows, local businesses, organizations, and contests. In high school, I was the first student in the long history of my school to be nominated for Governor's Honors in the State of Georgia. High school is also where I started playing guitar and writing music, which I have been doing avidly for 20+ years now. I am constantly recording music for many projects, including Stonwall. After leaving High School in '86 I started doing art professionally. I have been doing it on and off on a local or national scale ever since then. It has been a career that has been very rewarding and full of drastic changes since the computer revolution. I live with my long time girlfriend Becky Williams who is also an artist in her own right. I have 4 grown stepchildren, Donna, JoeAnn, Johnny and Mary. In addition, I have a brother, sister and a great family. Most of my long time and current friends are either musicians or artists. I am currently working as the Art Director at High Voltage Prints..

   I have always enjoyed doing art in the fantasy genre, it allows one's imagination free reign into the obscure, fantastic, and the frivolous, with no confines or limits. It is the one genre that allows you total freedom, something that is hard to come by in the modern era. The fantasy art gallery includes some works that were created by me and my former collaborator. J Morrow during the 1990's.
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